Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I'm voting Liberal Democrat. Reason 4: MPs' Expenses

I've decided to vote Liberal Democrat in the forthcoming 2010 British General Election.

I'm giving my reasons in six posts. The first one was here. Now...

Reason 4: MPs' expenses

It is commonplace to say "They were all as bad as each other." It is true that no party is blameless, but...
  1. The Liberal Democrats have been actively opposing the expense system for years, proposing reforms that would have prevented this scandal. Labour and Conservatives voted against the reforms. They also tried to cover it up.
  2. No Liberal Democrat MP "flipped" second homes for financial gain. Labour & Conservatives still refuse to allow an official inquiry into flipping, which is the most widespread and corrupt practice in Parliament.
  3. >Only the Liberal Democrats are proposing an alternative to the electoral system that will rid our democracy of these "safe seats" that currently protect corrupt politicians from the voters.