Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I'm voting Liberal Democrat. Reason 1: Climate change

I've decided to vote Liberal Democrat in the forthcoming 2010 British General Election.

Here are my reasons in six posts, starting with...

Reason 1: Climate change

I believe this is the biggest threat facing this country, indeed the planet, and it will be for a generation. I am pleased that the Labour Government has taken strong actions both nationally and internationally to help tackle the threat. However much more needs to be done and Labour does not seem to realize the urgency, as evidenced by the third runway at Heathrow, the lack of investment in rail, the low level of investment in renewable energy, and the limited measures aimed at energy efficiency.

The Conservative Party, apart from David Cameron and a small minority, does not accept the need for action in the first place. I would very much have appreciated a Green voice in national discussions. The lack of such representation in Parliament is a major failing of our current electoral system. In the meantime, of the three main parties, it is only the Liberal Democrats who seem to realize the urgency of the threat.