Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Exeter Lib Dem candidates

The Exeter City Council elections are tomorrow. And, as mentioned previously, the Labour and Conservative candidates provide brief biographies on their respective websites (here and here). So I thought it might be handy to have something similar for Exeter's Liberal Democrat candidates. Here are a few of the candidates.

St James: Ditch Townsend

Despite medical training, Ditch prefers his community development work in Somerset, and enabling individuals and communities to find their own solutions. With parents and grandparents once doctors or teaching in Asia (where he was born), Ditch embraced his 14 years working in Asia and Africa, increasing inclusion of economically and socially marginalised people, particularly those affected by HIV or leprosy. Ditch passionately believes that everyone has potential and should be enabled to authentically participate in society. With family trained or already living in Exeter, resettling here in 2009 proved ideal, with children attending St Peter's school and Exeter College.

Pennsylvania: Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams has lived in Exeter for the last 25 years working both in the city and east Devon as a teacher. He has lived in the Pennsylvania ward for the past 18 years where he has lived with his family. His children have attended the local schools and the local college. Besides teaching Nigel has experience of trade union work as an accredited caseworker and is experienced in representing the views of the individual as well as collective issues with employers. He is a school governor of a church primary school in the city. Nigel would like to represent the Pennsylvania Ward and believes he can represent the community fairly and seek what is best overall for the city.

St David's: Phil Brock

Phil Brock is seeking re-election to St. David's Ward having represented the area since 2000. He moved to Exeter in 1970 and at that time was employed by Royal Mail. In 1979 he became self employed and still remains in the retail trade. He was first elected to the city council in 1994 for St Leonard's ward and during his 18 years of service has served on most committee's within the council. He currently sits on the planning committee and two sub-planning committees and on the Standard Board.
Phil says "It has been a privilege to serve this city for so many years, from the moment I moved here with my wife from North Cornwall we have always felt at ease and at home in Exeter."

Other wards

Alphington - Vanessa Newcombe
Exwick - Alasdair Wood
Newtown - John Ashton
Pinhoe - Christine Fullam
Polsloe - David Lockwood
Priory - Ben Noble
St. Leonard's - Paddy Richmond
St. Loye's - Sally Wilcox
St. Thomas - Graeme Holloway
Topsham - Caroline Nottle
Whipton Barton - Pamela Thickett

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