Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some tweets

For no other reason than an attempt to discern patterns in my interests, here are some selected tweets from the last week or so...

CrossCountry trains need to be pumping heat into the carriages at sauna levels because...?

New blog post: Exeter has a Tory county council, a LibDem city council, a Labour MP & a Sword of Damocles

Wha...?! Blogpost by @DuncanStott recalling that over 60% of Lib Dem MPs back NHS Homeopathy

Great post by Millennium Elephant on Doctor Who and the Waters of Mars

Quote of the day from @sarabedford "Sometimes only schadenfreude will do!"

Oh no! I must've forgotten to vote in the elections for the EU govt, and now I don't know the new President's policies.

Just dropped a small piece of chocolate on the floor. GUTTED [my most heartfelt tweet]

News from 2011: Chief Mathematics Advisor says politicians are inumerate. Ed Balls backs him 150%

Justin Webb R4 26.06.09 "I'm useless when it comes to science and maths". Is journalism the kind of profession where that doesn't matter?

Super Mario Bros Wii getting good reviews e.g. But then again Anyone played it?

Not entirely sure what #xfactor #scd #pdc really are. Fairly sure I don't need to care. [less subsequent hate-mail than I was expecting]

powerful stuff RT @HrothgirOD Why I think Bishop Spong is awesome #atheist #athesim Only downside - one more god than me

Why are vampires, visions and fame such preoccupations of 21st century humanity?

This has been bugging me for 2 weeks. Ollie thinks he's Josh #TheThickOfIt Were the speechwriters Sam, Toby & Will not heroic enough? [sadly, no answer to this one]

Free the data RT @jamesgraham RT @libcon How to commit a global warming fraud [RT'd]

Save us from the dogmatists! Roy Hattersley & @iaindale say minority govt = compromise = bad legislation [RT'd]

Is the "revelation" of a No10 Iraq cover-up actualy going to change any votes?

#elevatorpitchesforblogs Guido Fawkes "What if a troll was occasionally sent gossip?"

C4News story about Murdoch & Microsoft - I wonder if Google's current dominance depends on future of open web?

#climate prof on @channel4news comes across as slightly stumbling but unworldly & genuine. Shame media now go ad hominem against science

@HrothgirOD Perhaps our civilization's remnants will be washed up on the shores of an ice-free Antarctica...

Did your Labour MP vote against the 10:10 campaign on the orders of the Labour whips? has the votes

RT @sarabedford A Christian's take on British Humanist Association's latest campaign @PlsDontLabelMe

@campbellclaret BBC 10 o'clock news doesn't think its audience is clever enough to cope with leaders' CBI speeches

Extreme Précis: attemtping to summarise Clegg's speech to the CBI [RT'd]

On secret £61bn loan, Vince Cable: The Govt has treated taxpayers like children while expecting them to foot the bill

Guido's cod-libertarian bile factory is a new rallying point for #climate sceptics

Brigstocke has crowd on his side with witty reasonableness... oh no! he's gone too far #bbcqt #fantasyreenactmentofbbcqtbeforeitsevenstarted [I thought this was my best effort this haul!]

Melanie Phillips booed by Twitter on climate change. Desperate applause in studio #bbcqt #fantasyreenactmentofbbcqtbeforeitsevenstarted [Most accurate prediction]

Does #bbcqt decide Scottish panel using Scottish General Election vote%? Labour(40%):1 on panel,SNP(18%):1,LibDem(23%):0,Tory(16%):2

Does #bbcqt decide Scottish panel using UK seat%? Labour(55%):1 on panel,SNP(1%):1,LibDem(10%):0,Tory(31%):2

Does #bbcqt decide Scottish panel using UK vote%? Labour(35%):1 on panel,SNP(2%):1,LibDem(22%):0,Tory(32%):2

Does #bbcqt decide Scottish panel using MSPs? Labour(46 MSPs):1 on panel,SNP(47 MSPs):1,LibDem(16 MSPs):0,Tory(16 MPs):2

Does #bbcqt decide Scottish panel using MP numbers? Labour(39 MPs):1 on panel,SNP(7 MPs):1,LibDem(12 MPs):0,Tory(1 MP):2 [RT'd]

@bbcquestiontime Would appreciate some help in answering the questions posed in the last few tweets.

RT @Forgotten_Man: I wonder when #bbcqt and #thisweek will ask a Scientist about climate change rather than a politician. [RT'd]

hehehe RT @serafinowicz Cause of death: Autopsy

Andrew Neil, one of the most cynical news journalists in the UK, asks why there is so much cynicism around.

Audio progs I can't listen to on public transport because I laugh out loud like a nutter: Adam&Joe, Mitchell&Webb, The Unbelievable Truth

Scary. @TimMontgomerie disbelieves #climate science; & even if true, disbelieves solutions; & even if solutions, disbelieves political will

Shocked, angry & a little confused as to why there isn't a dedicated Tiger Woods TV channel to cover the crisis 24/7 [RT'd]

How likely is hung parliament with Lab, Con, LibDem the seat ranking & Con, LibDem, Lab the vote ranking? Inspired by

Conclusions? Slightly obsessive on climate change. Not quite a political nerd, but a distinct danger. Needs to get out more.