Friday, April 3, 2009

Broadsheet: David Cameron is not up to the job

The pundits are obsessed with how terrible the Labour Government is. It is, of course, terrible. But is David Cameron actually capable of doing what needs to be done? He says what people want to hear, but where's the evidence he's actually going to deliver?

Here's what needs to be done:

  • Stop wasteful government spending, by giving tax-payers the power to make their own decisions in their area about hospital closures, school closures, post office closures, bobbies on the beat, housing developments and bin collections.

  • Save the country from the damaging effects of climate change. Farming is under threat. Houses that are near rivers, near flood-plains and near the sea are under threat. Get Europe doing something useful for a change, and sort out carbon emissions internationally.

  • Cut red-tape on business, and regulate only as much as necessary to protect us from the crooks and incompetents. And stop interfering in people's lives.

  • Less tax. Higher, simpler, fairer pensions

David Cameron's all spin. Vote for the party that's actually campainging to do what it takes.