Monday, March 9, 2009

Who's best to fix the economy?

No idea. No, really. I'm not an economist, a business guru or a financial expert.

And the economists, business gurus and financial experts screwed up anyway. So it's anyone's guess who's best to fix the economy.

Except... unlike stocks and shares, can't we use past performance as a guide for the future?

Less than two years ago, the Labour government was telling us how brilliantly it had done
and the economists were telling us how everything was wonderful. And the Conservative party said nothing because it was raking in cash from speculators. So much for the "Official Opposition".

It's all very easy, after the event, to point out that the years of growth were an illusion, created by irresponsible lending. But none of the politicians pointed that out at the time, did they?

Er... except this guy. Since 2003. And his analysis of the situation is widely regarded as the best there is.

OK, he doesn't look like Brad Pitt. And his party the LibDems only got 22% of the vote at the last election, compared with 32% for the Conservatives.

But I know who I'd like to have clearing up this mess.