Friday, October 17, 2008

Who to vote for?

It would be very easy to vote for the people with the snappiest soundbites, or the sharpest putdowns, or the most telegenic faces. I think most of us resist those temptations. What is harder to resist is voting for the people who are best at getting passionate about the things we care about.

Perhaps you're fed up of paying ever-greater taxes to be wasted on the undeserving. Or perhaps you're fed up of tax cuts for the greedy rich while the education and health of the majority suffer.

Perhaps you're angry about cowards who'd give to terrorist countries. Or perhaps you're angry about an illegal war.

Or perhaps you're simply wanting to punish whoever's been in in charge for screwing things up.

So should you vote for whoever is best at showing the emotions you feel?

Of course not. A huckster makes a living from faking his emotions.

So how to decide who to vote for?

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